Connor Clover and the Lost Children

The ideas for Connor Clover and the Lost Children originally came to me in the year 2000. I remember sitting down with the sudden urge to write. My husband passed me a curious glance as I grabbed a pencil and started scribbling words and images in an A4 notebook. You must bear in mind that at this point I had previously shown no interest in writing in the 5 years we had been together. I was a stay at home mum and wrote every evening while they slept.
My original work is completely different to the final version I have today. It was rewritten so many times. It started off being an illustrated book, quite quirky and fun. The final version ended up as a novel for teens and adults.
Connor Clover and the Lost Children is about a young boy who discovers nothing is quite what it seems. His mundane life changes suddenly on his realisation that aliens exist on our planet and the Master of Darkness, Definastine, is after him. Strangers appear to him as friends and the story explores Connor’s relationship with them as he makes an incredible journey to rescue the lost children who have been disappearing on Earth for centuries.

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