Connor Clover and the Lost Children


I self-published my first science-fiction book, Connor Clover and the Lost Children, aimed for children 11 years and over and, despite my fears, it was a success for both adults and children were reading them.

As I wrote, I imagined the scenes as if I were watching a film, and, like a film director, I could change the scene and rewrite it. The visualisation technique helped me to get in touch with what my characters were thinking and feeling as if they were real people.
My first book took 18 months to write but I rewrote it 11 times in all. It wasn’t so much other books that had inspired my writing during this time but great films such as the Men in Black, Spiderman, Lord of the Rings, The Matrix, X-Men, Star-Wars and E.T. When my son was younger, he used to love watching Pokemon, and from that I realsesd that each chapter had to be like an episode if I was going to hold people’s attention.

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