A Scouts Meeting

A Scouts Meeting

Who would have imagined that a simple evening at my local scouts group could have sowed a seed which has grown to huge proportions in my mind? 

It all started like this …

On Friday evening, with a temperature and having taught all day, I armed myself with paracetamol to visit my local scouts group as part of an arts evening. I had been invited as a local author to give a talk. 

I took with me my box of treats: three novels, notebooks, an example of what editing looks like, and a short script to read (my comfort blanket in case I can’t think of what to say).

The evening went better than expected. The kids enjoyed the talk and had lots of questions afterwards. I read them the first part of my story and they leaned over to listen. No one made a sound and there were 30 children there aged between 11-14 years old.

At the end of the evening, one boy approached me and asked me why I hadn’t published the 4th novel I had mentioned at the end of the book. I simply said I couldn’t afford to self-publish another novel. He then mentioned Kindle and how I wouldn’t have to pay a thing. I was speechless. 

I returned home and googled it. I had always imagined Kindle was linked to publishers who chose what books to publish. I had no idea it was self-publishers too. 

In my excitement I have decided to self-publish my books onto Kindle. I can’t wait. 

While I am waiting for PC World to return my external hard drive, which has all my books on it (which went missing when we plugged it into an IMac), I have created a Facebook page to connect to all people who wish to discover more about my books and to follow my journey. Please feel free to check it out.

Any ideas of how to promote my books would be extremely welcomed. Thank you!


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