Formatting your novel onto Kindle using an Imac

There are a few things you need to know before you should upload your book onto Kindle. 

1) You need to format your story:

The first line of each paragraph should be 0.2″.

It should be single lined (unlike the double lined in which you send to publishers).

Get rid of any fancy fonts.

Font size should be 11.

2) You need to create a hyperlink to your content page and various chapters.

In order to do this on an Imac you need to highlight the chapter heading for your story and bookmark it – this is where you give it a name. Then you need to go to the corresponding chapter in your contents page and highlight that. Click on it and select hyperlink. Click on locate, then click on the small arrow next to bookmark and click on the heading you need. Viola! All done!!

3) Upload a photo for your book cover. 

This is pretty straight forward. I had some difficulty when the photo was not the right size but when I took another photo of it, it uploaded without any difficulty. 

If I think of anything else, I will add it here at a later date. 


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