Publishing an ebook onto Kindle!!

This is the moment I’ve been waiting for. Tomorrow I will be publishing my book onto Kindle. Image(I’m jumping for joy here!)

Not many people know about the Connor Clover books. They sold well in our local area but spreading the news was harder than expected. Marketing took so much time. When my husband and I published our books under the company name of H & T Books, we didn’t realised quite how exhausting it was going to be. 

So anyway, after my initial nervous start – losing our books completely on the external hard drive when it was plugged into an imac and completely reformatted – I was thankful to discover I had kept the old floppy disks just in case. Thanks to a friend’s husband, Justin, I was able to retrieve the lost books. (Thank you once again, guys!)

So after all that business, tomorrow is the day it will be published. It’s actually my dad’s birthday tomorrow so its my present to him, in a way. He passed away 15 years ago now so never knew me as an author. Not that I’m any different! lol! 

I’m going to write another blog about formatting the book as I found it incredibly difficult with an Imac at first. 




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