The Countdown is On!



Connor Clover and the Lost Children (£4.79) Available on Kindle from 19th March, 2013. (10pm) 

So with our book finally loaded onto Kindle we are waiting patiently for it to appear. Initially it takes 48 hours before a book becomes available to buy. With a small group of friends waiting in anticipation to buy it, I am excited. It should be around 10pm tonight that it will appear – but by then I’ll be tucked up in my bed.

Since our book is already published and was selling on Amazon, we had to put a 20% discount on it and no less. It was previously £5.99.

My son, who is 16, actually came to my rescue when I was formatting the book for Kindle. He helped me scan our book cover and taught me how to bookmark and use the hyperlink (things I’d learnt once, but it you don’t use it, you lose it). Thanks Thomas!

The books have travelled further than I ever have. I’ve sent copies as far away as Australia, where family of friends now live. Some copies have gone to the United States! 20 copies went to Africa.

How amazing it is to think  that people can now buy it from all over the world, with a simple click, and a cut down on paper.

I’m full of gratitude for anyone buying it – thank you!


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