Teaching Today

Today in my class, I turned my head  and saw a young girl of 8 years old reading my novel designed for years 10 and above. It was ‘Golden Time’, a free period in what children can choose an activity to do. This particular girl was reading my second book having completed the first book in two weeks. She was so intent on reading she was completely absorbed into the story. It brought inner tears of joy to my eyes. She had no idea what was going on around her and the noise level certainly didn’t seem to be bothering her in the slightest. At one point, she turned and caught my eye, and smiled, before returning to read some more. 

This morning a mother of another child came into my class and said, “I never knew you wrote books. My daughter has been talking about it for ages. She likes reading. She’s been reading your book from the library ever since she took it home and can’t seem to put it down.” Her daughter smiled and carefully put her book into her tray. 

If I have achieved anything, it’s playing a part in getting children to read. Reading is a most powerful tool, it can entertain, help and educate you on all sorts of topics. 

In my class we have designed a system where children are reading every evening. It has worked. We call it the Space Race where pupils get the chance to travel to another planet each evening they have read. They bring their books to school each day signed and dated by their parents. By Friday, if they have read each evening they choose a small reward. They love it. Reading has improved so much. Before we have 4 children regularly reading, now we have at least 14 out of 22. However, it is my mission to get all 22 reading! 😉 

Years ago, I read as a form of escapism, now when I write it is for the adventure. 



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