No Park Run For Me Today!


This is the first Park Run I have missed since December.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Park Run – it is a major event which happens all over the UK on a Saturday morning at 9am. Most cities, towns and some villages have organised Park Runs as a way to encourage people to get together in a community and do something wonderful to get fit. The idea is to run 5k (3.1 miles) as fast as you can. You have your own unique Park Run barcode and at the end of the run a volunteer with give you a chip number which you take to another volunteer who will scan your number. It’s completely free, hard work but fun! Each week you compete to better your time. The Park Runs rely totally on volunteers known as marshalls.

So why didn’t I run today? Warning: here come the excuses.

1) I felt so tired due to working long hours last week.

2) It’s so cold and extremely windy out there.

3) I feel unfit due to eating loads of chocolate for the past goodness knows how many weeks.

4) I drank cider the night before, which I really fancied as I haven’t drank alcohol since goodness knows when.

I’ve known for quite some time that my diet is getting the better of me.After all, if you eat junk, pretty soon you’re going to feel like junk.

So this week, I need to adopt more mindful eating, more salad and healthy choices. I believe these choices will help me feel more energetic and alive. I’m a vegetarian and must learn to eat better (something I often struggle with) in order to help my body deal with the constant demands of my job, my running, and my family! 🙂 In so many cases, it’s easier to reach for convenient foods but I am now feeling so tired that I am beginning to pay the price.


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