Kindle Surprise

Wow! I added two books onto Kindle last night around 6-7pm and by 10.30pm they were loaded onto the website. They said it would take about 12 hours so I was pleasantly surprised to see this was not the case. 

One of the books I finally published is called ‘A Wish for Marcus‘. This is the first book I had ever written. Although I would say, when I was 7 years old,  I wanted to be an ‘Arthur’ when I grew up (meaning author) I never thought I was clever enough. I eventually went to Art School and thought about becoming a book illustrator instead.

Years later, in the year 2000, I felt suddenly compelled to write, after a vision I’d had. I’d been resting on my bed and as soon as I closed my eyes I saw a book being read to me. I saw each drawing and heard every word. That was the moment, I knew I had to recreate the book that had been told to me. It felt like a story from God.

So each evening, when my children went to bed, I sat downstairs drawing. Each picture took a week to complete. The actual story (3700 words) took a day. Altogether it took 6 months to complete. I couldn’t stop drawing or writing every chance I got. My husband looked at me strangely. In all the years we had been married I had not written a single word unless it was a letter or in a card. I was consumed with this passion that had come from seemingly nowhere. 

The book is about a young woman who discovers an abandoned baby and brings him up as her own child. As the boy grows older he learns the truth and wonders what had happened to his real family and why they never wanted him. One day he sees a shooting star and makes a wish …Image

I’d like to share these pictures with you from the book. 



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