The Story of Pilly-Pod

You are never to old to have a dream.

Creating a dream in your heart will sow the seeds for the ideas to be drawn to you.

But we can’t sit back and expect things to happen. WE have to make things happen. 

Be proactive and believe in yourself. 

In 2004 I had a dream to illustrate a series of children’s books based on a cute little character called Pilly-Pod but in those days it was extremely hard to get a publisher despite the growing interest in my books. 

So thanks to Kindle, I feel compelled to finished the illustrations I started years ago and will be putting them onto Kindle in the next month or so. 


Pilly-Pod is a very shy character who finds it hard to make friends. It’s surprising how many people find they are incredibly shy in certain situations. I, myself, am included. 


Flapper is Pilly-Pod’s best friend who cannot fly no matter how hard he flaps his wings. 

I loved writing these books. There are five altogether which reflect on friendship and hope, defeating pirates, finding a lost girl, befriending a two headed bear and lots more.




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