An interview with … me!

I’ve been asked many questions from people concerning my writing and decided to share them with you on here. Blogging and tweeting about my books is a relatively new concept for me. 

It has been at least seven years since I last wrote anything. The moment I decided to become a teacher, I put my writing to one side and concentrated on gaining a degree and completing a teaching course. Now that dream has been completed, I am free to continue with my writing.



When did you become a writer?

I first became a writer in the year 2000. The notion of writing came out of the blue. I had never written anything previous to this and had been married with three children at that time. At that time I was 27 years old. Since I had gone to college and gained a National Diploma in Art and Design after leaving school, it was only natural that my first book I wrote was a picture book. I had high aspirations to become a book illustrator and yet I went further and began to create my own ideas for a novel.  During this time I read every book I could get hold on about writing, to improve my knowledge in this area. 


Have you always enjoyed reading?

Yes, I have always enjoyed reading, especially horror books as a teen, and then fantasy.  My favourite writer in those days was John Saul. In my adult years I also enjoy a good romance. One of my favourite book collections is the Earth Children series by Jean Auel. During a holiday I find there is nothing better than time  to read a good novel. 


What inspired your writing?

My favourite books have to be The Chronicles of Narnia as a child. I loved them so much!  The idea of talking to animals was so exciting, which is why I have included that aspect in my Pilly-Pod picture book series for children (6+).

I enjoy watching a good science fiction adventure that makes sense. There is nothing worse than watching a good film only to feel disappointed by the end of it.

When writing my first novel, Connor Clover and the Lost Children, I made sure each chapter ended on a cliff hanger. This was achieved after watching Pokemon with my son and, after studying how each episode finished, I wanted to duplicate the same desire for people to want to keep on reading my books. I have a tendency to get bored easily, and when I find I’m bored with my writing, I know others will be too. That’s when I rewrite a chapter until I’m excited by it enough to say, others will be too.  


Does Connor Clover and the Lost Children have a theme running through it?

Yes, it does. It’s good against evil, light against darkness. It’s about people getting along with one another, such as humans getting along with other intelligent life forms, aliens from another galaxy. Without saying it directly, its about dissolving racism and bringing all life forms together for a common purpose, to defeat the evil Definastine, and accepting one another for all our differences. Bringing people together to achieve a common aim is what this book is all about. The adventures along the way, only add to what these characters get up to.


Do you have a favourite character in Connor Clover and the Lost Children?

There are so many loveable characters such as Connor, an 11 year old, who has suffered at the hands of his aunt and uncle (an overweight brother and sister who never married because they are too intolerable to live with). Hank is another of my favourites. He’s a cute little alien that can turn invisible, he winds Connor up with his incessant talking and loves to moan. Tookar is another favourite. He’s a shapeshifting alien that has been on this planet for over 2,000 years. 

In the next few days I will be posting more questions that I have been asked. If you have any questions free feel to leave them as a comment and I’ll answer them. Thank you!


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