From the back of the cupboard comes …

Dear Pilly-Pod,

You were created 9 years ago and due to the pressures of life and needing to earn some money for the family, I left you and forgot all about you in my pursuit of working full time as a teaching assistant, and studying in the evenings to gain a degree and become a teacher. 

But I kept pictures of you, so I knew what you looked like and I saved your story on a floppy disk so I could return to you one day.


And strangely, I discovered you hadn’t aged as much as I, or seemed to suffer in any way because of my lack of communication with you. Pilly-Pod, you are a survivor, you had more patience than I and your story deserves to be told.

Thanks to Kindle I can share you with the world. I can tell them the story of your people (the Wobblers) who live in a far away land and resemble hobbits with your shortness of height and hairy feet. 

I can tell them how shy you once were and how, through a ‘shocking experience’ (getting struck by lightening), you were able to communicate with animals and at last make friends. 


This is your story Pilly-Pod and I’ll tell it as truthfully as I can …

The Story of Pilly-Pod – available from Amazon Kindle from 6th April 2013 for £1.50. A picture book aimed for children 6 years +. Free on Kindle Prime.



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