The Lurgy! Day 5 of no chocolate!


I never thought that my chocolate detox was going to have such a profound impact on my body.

For starters:

1) I have suffered from a migraine which has turned into a normal dull headache.

2) I have a sore throat that feels constantly dry (like sandpaper in fact) despite the gallons of water I’m drinking.

3) Last night I was buzzing with energy and couldn’t sleep despite my Park Run the following morning where I had to be awake at 7.30am. I finally slept at 2am.

4) I now suffer with constipation. Grrr!

5) I also developed sciatica two days ago – I haven’t had it in years!

I didn’t know what to do with all my renewed energy. Usually, when I’ve been eating chocolate I had a little nap in the afternoon – and for the first time yesterday I didn’t. In fact I just kept going and felt so energised.

Just before I tried to sleep, in my minds eye, I saw space crafts flying past me creating pink and orange mist as they went past (some were absolutely huge) and saw many stars. Well, that just stimulated more mental thinking and I thought I probably should have gone downstairs and typed more of my story! lol!

Anyway, having developed blisters yesterday due to my new boots, the Park Run was not the most enjoyable prospect as I went limping to the start line! However, I met up with a few friends, enjoyed a chat and decided to take it easy today and chatted all the way round. My personal best is 22.43 minutes for a 5k but today it must be more around 25-26 minutes. It was great fun really. Every now and then, especially during a detox, it’s good to take it easy.

As a result of this detox, the strange thing is I don’t crave chocolate, I don’t even want to eat any of that horrid stuff anymore. It was such an energy drainer. Even though I feel a little rough around the edges I actually feel better – more energy and being more mentally alert  I love that feeling more than eating chocolate.

As for the waistline, I’m looking forward to my trousers fitting better 😉


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