13 days without chocolate, sweets or cakes! A world record – for me.

I was a chocoholic.

I would eat it any time of the day, in any quantity I liked. I gave myself the freedom to eat it whenever I wanted. Sometimes I used to eat it in secret, after having eating some already. I’m not sure what prompted me to become a chocoholic but I was  and it was controlling my life. If I was happy, I’d eat it. Sad, I’d eat it Stressed, I’d gulp it down. I’d eat it no matter how I was feeling. When I was writing my books, I’d eat it mindlessly.

So what made me give it up?

It was almost like waking up and seeing myself for the first time in years. When did the rolls appear around my waist? When did my energy levels become so low? When did my face and belly look so bloated?

Waking myself up from this state of mindlessly I said enough is enough. This is not me. I am more than this. Besides, I’m running my 3rd marathon in July and I do not want to be this heavy when I do. I’ve always complained that when I run, I never lose weight – not surprising with my secret eating habits.

Anyway, it hasn’t been easy but not once have I craved chocolate or sweet or cakes. I’m being aware of what I’m eating for the first time in a long time and it feels good to be in control . It hasn’t been easy in the sense I have suffered from some extreme  withdrawals effects such as:

1) Migraines

2) Headaches

3) Bloating in face and belly

4) Increase in weight gain (5 lbs)

5) Sore throat

6) Irritation cough

7) Coughing up mucous

8) Vomiting mucous

9) Sleeplessness due to coughing

10) Constipation

These outweigh the positives so far.

1) Taste buds are becoming more sensitive

2) Apples tastes refreshingly sweet

3) Healthier diet

4) Feeling in control

5) Being more aware of who I am

6) Hope of weight loss in the next few weeks after the bloating has diminished

My rattly cough has prevented me from running, or exercising very much and I’m getting out of breath easily due to it affecting my asthma. But I’m not going to give up – never give up for something so worthwhile, a healthier life. It took years for me to sudden awaken form the deep sleep I found myself in, so I guess my body has a lot of clearing out to do. This has fuelled my belief that these withdrawal symptoms are for the best if I am going to improve my health by the end of it. I’m not sure what it was that awakened me from this state of mind but I’m grateful I have.

“Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.” ~ Leo Tolstoy


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