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Don’t stop believing!

I’ve was a writer before I became a teacher and I loved every minute of it. Then studying to get a degree got in the way and killed my creativity. However, as a result of my degree I now work with kids and teach them loads of different things. Its the best job in the whole world and I love it.

Since my children have now left home, I have discovered another pocket of time where I can devote to my writing. I love the freedom of writing and the escapism behind it. Writing to me is cheaper than therapy and makes me feel so happy. While some people might enjoy going out, I love taking to my keyboard and typing those keys to see another character to emerge or see the responses of another character taking place.

I never feel lonely when I am writing. To me, writing mean wholeness and a whole new world. You don’t have to write to be published, but try writing to be free.

What is it you love? Write about it and don’t worry about what other people think. Do if for yourself.




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