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I’m so excited to share my latest novel with you.

The Amphiblets will be available on Kindle on 6th January 2016 for an affordable price.

I’m a teacher, so writing novels has never been about money, but sharing my ideas and stories with others. Writing fills in the blanks for me, its what I need to do in order to feel complete. Science fiction, fantasy and paranormal genres inspires me the most, exploring relationships under harsh, unpredictable and difficult circumstances.

When I first started writing there was no media platform to speak and tell the world about my books. But now there is and for this I am grateful. I am a self publisher. I became a publisher many years ago hiring an editor and typesetter to help transform my books into paperbacks. Now they are on kindle and at reasonable prices leaving me feeling guilt-free about trees being cut down for my art.

I hope you take a moment and look at the blurb. If this is something you will enjoy reading, please pass it on to your friends as I have done this many times for others. Word of mouth is a powerful tool. If I can help you at all, please let me know.

Best wishes

Helen Oghenegweke

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