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Writer’s Block



This has got to be the nemesis of writing a book (but finding quiet time to write might come close). Yet it doesn’t have to be frustrating and infuriating and you don’t have to get all moody and upset. Instead try something completely different.

That’s right! Step away from the computer. There’s another world out there in the land of the living. Go and take a peek!

But in all seriousness doing a completely different activity allows your brain to release the knot that prevents your creative thinking. I had most of my most exciting ideas come to me by doing the most mundane activities, such as: washing up, ironing, cleaning the bath and even polishing.

However, looking at inspirational pictures on the theme of your subject, reading stories or doing more research can help. Try exercising, watching your favourite film, go shopping or simply take a walk outside and get some fresh air.

Whatever you do, don’t become consumed by the negativity. Don’t let the grumps overwhelm you. Just relax and the energies will flow.


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