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Good Editing

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What does good editing mean to a writer?

Is it simply correcting punctuation such as commas and full stops? If so, then you need another editor.

My editor, Delia,  who I’ve worked with on four novels now, understands me so well. If she’s confused by  something in the book and it doesn’t quite make sense, then she lets me know. If she thinks a character doesn’t add anything to the story, then it might mean ‘goodbye’ to it.  I will listen to her advice and make all the necessary changes to make sure my book is as good as it can be for the reader to enjoy. I am not a perfect writer, I make mistakes. It’s inevitable. Writing a book and using your imagination is a different process to editing it.

My advice to new writers is not to skip the editing process no matter how good a writer you think you are. Do not let your ego convince you that your work is perfect.

Invest a little time and money into the final editing because it could mean the difference between being a success or a complete and utter flop!


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