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Creating Conflict


Yesterday, I was a little disappointed in how little I had written over the past few days and it doesn’t help with being exhausted after a day working as a teacher and doing 9+ hours a day.

Anyway, I’m also not one to dwell on a problem without being able to sort it out. So last night, I tried a different approach. Instead of spending time writing and trying to get it perfect, I’m simply writing the bare skeletons of a sentence without correcting it and enjoying the process of writing without hinderance or stopping. (I have many red lines appearing on the pages in my word document but I’m ignoring them). It helps to create flow and before I know it, I’m focusing more on developing characters and problems in their relationships.

At the end, I will return to the novel to edit and improve as I often tell my children in class. Therefore, if I want to delete a chapter I can go back without worrying about how much time I spent on it in the first place.

Writing should be about creativity and sometimes those actions of correcting mistakes can hinder that process. The best thing about writing is there is no right or wrong way – only your way! 🙂


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