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What Type Of Reader Are You?




Today I’ve been reflecting about the books I write and how they may not be everyone’s cup of tea, just like I don’t enjoy reading every single book I pick up.

As a writer my focus is on action and developing characters in a way that shows the reader rather then tells the reader about them. As a reader, I’m someone who likes to be grabbed at the beginning and left wondering what’s going to happening all the way through a book. In the same way, I enjoy writing like this too.

If I’m writing something with any hint of it becoming too slow or slightly boring then WHAM! BAM! Its gone! Deleted into the trash bin with a THUD! I recently deleted 40,000 words from a novel as I decided it was to be written from someone else’s point of view and as soon as I made that decision the story flowed effortlessly.

My books are not designed to be used doing GCSE English lessons. Instead, they are simply designed to entertain. I don’t always want to read books that are in a series. Sometimes reading a one-off book is a real pleasure in itself. Sometimes I’m in the mood to read a entire series in a matter of days. It just depends on the mood.

Reading and writing are interlinked. However, when I first started on my journey of writing, I found I couldn’t enjoy reading for a long time as I was over analysing and judging it as a writer. But now, after many years, I can relax, appreciate and enjoy the experience of a well written book. My kindle is currently full of books from unknown authors that I’ve downloaded waiting to be read.






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