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The Amphiblets

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My new book is coming out next year in less than a month. The date chosen will be the 18th anniversary of my father’s death. He was a natural storyteller and in honour of his creative ability I wanted to give him something special.

This  book was written 15 years ago and had been saved and left forgotten on my laptop, until now. Not having the financial means to self-publish  another paperback, I’ve decided to publish straight onto Kindle. It’s not quite the same but it still feels good.

My previous trilogy brought with it an amazing adventure, where I got to visit schools and speak about the process of writing and engaging the children in wanting to write and create their own characters. I got to appear in local papers and even spoke the radio twice.

Being a naturally shy person then, I preferred to remain hidden, behind the scenes, however, this did give me confidence that I desperately needed. Visiting schools gave me  another purpose and direction in life too. I discovered I wanted to play a bigger part in children’s lives and wanted to look after and inspire them. Becoming a teacher was a natural step in my personal development and career direction. And as my own children flew the nest, I was relieved to find myself finding happiness chatting to other children. I swear they are keeping me young.

I’m not sure how many people will want to read it on Kindle but I’ve worked out I need to sell 67 copies at £2.99 just to cover the cost of my amazing editor.

But still, it’s not about profit. It’s about finding an audience that will enjoy my stories, as I enjoy other people’s stories. There are thousands of writers in the world, all with a story to tell and I am just a little fish in a vast ocean trying to get my book noticed.

On the release day of The Amphiblets, I’m inviting  the children in my class, possibly the entire year group to a book launch. I’m bringing it to them. They are so excited. We’ll do an activity on creating a super hero. I’ll read to them and supply some nibbles. The children are really excited by this. Perhaps I should invite my husband, mum and step-dad too. Hmmm… now that’s a thought! 🙂




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