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The Amphiblets – OUT TOMORROW!

I’m so excited. Having been forgotten on a floppy disk for 15 years  The Amphiblets will be released tomorrow as an ebook on Amazon Kindle.  As a way of celebrating I’ll be working in my classroom and reading to the Year 6’s who are 10-11 years old. However, like many other books, this one is aimed for all ages to enjoy.

I’d like to say a massive thank for all my friends who have pre-ordered the book so far. Without an audience there would be no need to share it with others. 
It’s impossible to calculate the hours it has taken in the past to think of ideas, write, rewrite, edit and improve, designing a book cover and getting ready for Kindle. But it took hours and hours.
If you haven’t heard about this book, I’d be grateful if you took the time to read it, especially if you enjoy super-heroes and science-fiction. The inspiration for this came from films such as Spiderman, X-Men and Star Wars. I love the exciting characters and wanted to create some equally exciting ones.
Price £2.01 or $2.99 – Available for pre-order today ready for tomorrow.
Screen Shot 2015-12-26 at 20.09.14.png

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