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Video Number 2 & 3


Well, today The Amphiblets  video passed the test with the pupils in my class.

“It’s brilliant, Miss, but it’s a bit scary.”

“Oh, sorry kids.”

“No, we like it that way!”

Good, because I love a bit of darkness in a novel as its makes the good shine more brightly.

The videos were created on powerpoint first and the images were found free for commercial use.

I found it easier planning the writing first and to search for an appropriate picture as I went along.

You can save your powerpoint as a movie and upload straight onto Youtube.

David Bowie’s soundtrack ‘Life on Mars’ is of course relevant to book based on visiting other galaxies.

Connor Clover and the Lost Children is a book for ages 11+.

Second Chance is a paranormal romance novel for adults.


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