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Video mad

As part of the new curriculum in the UK we have to cover ‘British Values’. As a school we decided to tackle this through KS2 assemblies where each teacher chooses an area of interest to them to talk to the kids about it. There are about 350 children in Key Stage 2.

Just before Christmas I wrote a quick sketch about being a democratic society where all the children took part. It involved listening to the students opinions, a trip into the Tardis with Doctor Who to visit an alternative reality where schools had no rules (this involved jumping on tables and throwing paper balls – so much fun!),  creating our own class rules rap and going undercover to investigate what happens to a child if they break school rules and what happened when they are sent to the office for doing something good.

It was so much fun. We included credits at the end (to the music ‘We like to move it move it” and some bloopers). I’m pleased to say our twelve minute movie was a success!!!! We got some lovely feedback afterwards. The kids in my class are ace.



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