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Create Space titles

When you’ve created your book and you’re somewhat feeling daunted or overwhelmed by the idea of getting it published in paperback, I want to reassure you that it’s a very painless experience that leaves you on a high when your title finally arrives at the door.

Create Space literally takes away this stress for you.

You have an incredible choice of cover size, whether its glossy or matte, and everything in the interior is up to you. Although the matte feels lovely, if it’s a dark cover you can see marks on it. So I much prefer the glossy covers as they can be kept clean.

They even give you an ISBN number at no extra cost. In fact the only amount of money you need is to order a proof copy which is nothing compared to my previous experience of self-publishing before Create Space. You can even use their front cover designs to help you create a professional looking book – simply upload your image and there you have it.  10003153_448946358628680_6627589225774528100_n.jpg12631488_448946375295345_9212507651816550720_n.jpg

It’s a sheer joy! You are guided through the process and if I can understand it, believe me, you can too! So if you have a beautiful book sitting there waiting to be made into a work of art, I say, “Go for it!”

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2 thoughts on “Create Space titles

  1. I published 4 books with (on? through? — never know what word to use here) CreateSpace. I did not use one of their templates for the interior, but formatted my Word docs so they would look right. I used a novel published by a “real” publisher as a guide — which pages shouldn’t have headers and page numbers, etc. I think I did a pretty good job of it, but it was more of a struggle than formatting for ebook publication. A worthwhile struggle, though. Once that part was done, uploading to CreateSpace and the rest of the setup was easy.

  2. That’s fantastic. And the other great thing is, you don’t need boxes of books that aren’t being sold for it’s print-on-demand. Good luck with your writing, it’s an amazing journey you are on! x

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