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The Frustrations of Writing



It’s so wonderful to be able to write a novel and be able to publish it. No longer do we have to wait for publishers to decide whether our books are worthy to be read by others or not, after spending months and months sitting on a slush pile. No longer do we have to wait for one person to love it as much as we do ourselves. 

Years ago, before companies like create space were wildly known,  I employed a designer, a typesetter, an editor and approached a printing company. It was a costly process and many lessons were learnt on my travels as a self-publisher.

I used to visit my local book shop, who provided me with my first ever book launch and witnessed salespeople working for publishers enter a shop and show booksellers their latest catalogues of brand new titles. The bookseller looked at the pages and flipped over the pages and only ordered four new titles. The rest were discarded. I realised then, that even if your were lucky to have a publisher take on your book, you still have to pass the bookshop hurdle.

Nowadays, I am able to design my own covers, have friends to proofread my books, do the typesetting myself and upload my final book onto Create-space. Oh, how things have changed. It’s an exciting world.

However, it comes at a different price. With so many books being published on a daily basis, books are getting lost and remain unknown, except for loved ones and friends reading them. This is most unfortunate. If one is lucky for their book to make it and become a bestseller, don’t begrudge them, but rejoice, for the journey to get there would have been incredibly difficult (unless you are famous or have famous relatives, of course).

Luckily, my passion for writing makes me feel complete and it’s a form of relaxation to me similar to meditation. Without it, I wouldn’t be complete. I work as a full time teacher and love my job, writing is what fills an empty gap. I’d love to write full time and visit schools on a regular basis. It’s my dream.




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