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Polishing Off…

Yesterday I spent the evening, after work, correcting the errors in book one of Saviour of Souls Series To Catch a Killer. The book was produced on Create Space (as a proof copy only) and I bought a couple of copies to distribute among my colleagues at work in order for them to kindly proof read – in exchange for a free copy. I’m aware my own eyes cannot recognise my own errors,but can easily scan those of another author. Strange isn’t it. I’m sure it must have a scientific name…

I’m getting excited! The book has been well-received so far, and I’ve had many compliments about the storyline. My next step will be getting someone else to read it from the ‘book world’ as they opinion is vital in order for the book to move on to being published. It’s not about hurrying the editing stage, but having someone who doesn’t know me well, be completely honest in their opinion.

The books is 70,000+ words and 230 pages long.

I’m currently working on book two ‘Second Chance‘ and have written 30,000 words so far. Just another 40,000 to go. I’m aiming the books to be short and sweet, with enough detail and pace to keep the reader wanting more.

To keep the costs down, I also designed the cover myself, using photo editing and stock free images. How do you design yours?

My first books – The Starstone Trilogy – were created by experts but they cost a fortune. That was back in the days before Facebook. The internet has come along way in the past few years.

Screen Shot 2016-06-19 at 21.11.15



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