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So finally after 7 months of writing, editing, proof reading, more editing and having other people proof read it – my book will be ready as a paperback on Amazon (from Createspace print-on-demand) in 2-3 days time. And you’ve guessed it – I’m excited. It’s available;e for pre-order from Amazon Kindle.

This is my first adult novel and I’m keen to know what others think of it. It is a paranormal romance (with some sexy bits in it) and a slight sprinkling of science fiction at the end.

The prices are as cheap as I can get them in order to make a little profit (and I mean a little profit).

On Kindle the price is £1.99 and a paperback is £6.50.

But it’s not so much about the money and more to do with the thrill of others reading something you’ve created.

The first time someone read my book, I was so scared and vulnerable. The idea of knowing that someone else is getting a glimpse of what my happening in my head was truly nerve racking. Nowadays I don’t mind as much and just get a tingling of butterflies in my stomach.

Here’s the book. Please feel free to share with your book reading buddies! 🙂 Many thanks if you do. Word of mouth is a powerful tool. x

Screen Shot 2016-06-19 at 21.11.15


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